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Wilds Gemstones Collection - 
a celebration of the play of colours

The artistry of Wilds' pieces lies in their exuberant play of colours. In some pieces, gemstones in the same tones glow right next to each other: divine sky blue juxtaposed with spring-like light green, enhanced with a hint of baby pink. Alongside the harmonious colour mixtures can be an unexpected bouquet of contrasting colours in other pieces. Wilds’ jewellery designs always dazzle jewel aficionados.


The brand began with the curiosity of the owner Mr Hans-Georg Wild and Managing director  Ms Angela Yuen – experience gemstone experts who wanted to push the boundaries of jewellery designs with top-grade gemstones as the centre of attention. For year, the dynamic duo had worked on the firm’s renowned gemstone layouts – the expertly mixing and matching of gemstones handpicked from a huge volume of gems – they came up with an idea of taking the magnificent layout to a higher level by developing exquisite jewellery pieces for them. So what started almost as a hobby became an exculsive collection of intricately designed and crafted jewellery pieces.


With colour as the essence, Wilds’ gemstones owes its timeless appeal to its design philosophy: the gemstone experts and designers always let their feelings naturally guide them through the design development process, indifferent to prevailing fashion trends. They draw inspiration from Wilds’ large stock of premium-quality gemstone: ranging from the breathtaking centre gemstones, brilliant complementary side stones, to sparkling gems as small as several millimetres.


Gemstones are ‘paints’ for each jewellery design. Wilds’ team of experts pursue the perfection in play of colours by painstakingly selecting individual gemstones to build the most ideal effect. The process progresses with countless experiments and modifications until all involved are satisfied with the colour combinations, proportions and designs. This unconventional approach to jewellery design has won praise from any admiring designers and jewel connoisseurs alike. Many are surprised that every single piece of Wilds’ design is invariably crowned with many gemstones of the best quality.


The ‘master’s brush strokes’ are employed to complete the works of art. To match its premium-quality gemstones, Wilds has partnered up with a top-notch artisanal jewellery workshop in Hong Kong that works exclusively for the city’s preeminent jewelers. Given the superb artisanship in Wilds’ jewellery, the beauty of gemstones is admired in a new light and redefined. The Wilds brand has innovated on extraordinary production techniques to spectacular effects. A fine example is a jewel-encrusted cigar container in titanium in the hitherto unheard-of cylindrical shape. The precious metal is known to be highly challenging for jewellery production.


A distinctively metropolitan style unites all Wilds’ designs. While the contemporary European styling forms the broad outlines, the finesse in the craftsmanship signifies the jewellery’s Asian origin of production. In Asia jewellery-making is revered as an art form and every single intricate detail is impeccably executed to absolute perfection.


The natural eye for proportion of Wilds’ design team enlivens each design. The equilibrium in design manifests in a perfectly sized pendant on a necklace, or the harmonious graduation of multiple stones in a single piece, or in the magnificent side stones. The marvelous proportion of each jewellery design by Wilds makes the piece ‘float’ in the air.


Since the inception of the Wilds’ brand in 2000, the company has caused considerable sensation among jewellery connoisseurs with many highly memorable pieces. A magnificent Paraiba Tourmaline necklace with three large centre stones is a ‘once’ in a lifetime’ encourter. A rare Alexandrite suite of ring, earrings and necklace radiates ethereal beauty. A classic jewellery set of Santa Maria’s aquamarine signifies the expert eye and diligence of a dedicated gemstone specialist. It was assembled with aquamarine cut and polished from the old materials over the years, from the storied mining area in Santa Maria, Brazil closed 25 years ago. These are just a few exemplary pieces that will never appear in the market again.


Wilds’ jewellery designs will always be exculsive due to the rarity of top-quality gemstones. With the finest gemstones taking centre stage, Wilds conveys the best value to the hands of connoisseurs through the brand’s unique support from the direct acess to original gemstone sources, to masterful lapidary and top-end artisanal jewellery workshop.


At Wilds, gemstone of the highest standards are transformed into works of art, treasured by connoisseurs and passed down through generations.

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